My Story...

As a child, I adored reading and used my imagination like most children used crayons. I am a day dreamer by nature, and love making up stories. I began writing poetry in grade school and attempted my first novel in high school, but became frustrated and tossed it out.
As an adult, I made cards for family members that were like short books. I cut and pasted pictures to go with the storyline, they became a hit. I eventually realized how much I missed writing. In 2011, I started my first novel, The Last Summer. Once again, it got set aside, but after a summer vacation to New York City, I came home and eagerly finished it. I loved being in the city and felt inspired.
Currently, I have five novels and a children’s book published. (You can read about what inspires me now in the My Vision section.)
I live in Virginia, with my husband and my sons, where I will continue to write and day dream